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Pregnant Porn Texas Milf Babe Takes A Hard Spanking

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Jeb Writes:“Hey, man, I need to tell you about this extremely hot milf I knew when I was working as an office assistant at an oil company in Texas a while back. Ok, first of all, this woman was an assistant Vice President in the company and she always wore these extremely tight business suits that would show off her voluptuous body to the max. She was blond, about 38 years old, and she had an big beautiful butt that she always liked to wave around in all the men’s faces. I remember when I would be working on something in her office, she would always find an opportunity to get that phat ass in my face somehow.

Once, she walked by me while I was sitting at a table organizing some files and pretended to accidentally drop her pen. She said oops, and immediately bent right over with her ass to me, so that I could see every delicious curve as she recovered the pen. I didn’t really interpret these actions of hers as a come-on because she would do it to just about all the guys. But one day, she took it to a new level that I will never forget.It was late, probably past 10pm, and most everyone had already gone home. She and I were still in the office finishing up some work that she needed to get completed by a certain deadline.

It was always difficult for me to concentrate on work with her around because, well, this was the hottest fucking Pregnant Porn  milf I’d ever seen. But tonight was especially grueling since she had decided to wear a ridiculously short skirt to work that allowed me to see that marvelous round butt every time she would shift in her chair. She was obviously wearing a thong, since I could see most of her ass cheeks. I was basically sitting there with the most monster boner I’d had since adolescence, and all I could think about was getting that huge butt into my hands and spanking that beautiful round thing until it jiggled out of control.

I looked up at her face for a moment and she was obviously thinking about things other than the evaluations she had in front of her. She quickly shifted her eyes to meet mine and smiled a bit before looking back to her file. A couple moments later, she lifted her leg way up over the other one and shifted in her chair so that her skirt would run up her sexy ass and expose those perfect butt cheeks to me. I couldn’t help but stare at that incredibly hot sight and my mouth went slightly agape. She started to look directly at me with a very naughty look on her face, then she started to caress her bubbly ass flesh while moaning very softly under her breath.

I took that as a clear invitation, so I got up and took her jaw in my hand. With full confidence, I pulled out my cock and stuck it right into her mouth! My friend, this sexy Texas milf started to suck me down nice and sloppy, like I love it, and she was good at it too. After a little bit of blowjob, I pulled out and told her I wanted to spank that naughty ass of hers, the one she’d been torturing me with for the whole time I worked with her.She smiled again, this time nice and broadly, then excitedly turned over in the chair so that her big butt was protruding out into the air. I licked my lips and pulled the rest of her skirt up off her ass.

I then struck her butt with my hand about half as hard as I could. She let out a yelp when she felt the impact. All I could think of was how badly I wanted to really let her have it. There was so much pent-up frustration in me after all this time of being teased relentlessly that I just wanted to fucking nuke that ass! I started to spank her harder and harder and harder. She was basically screaming at the top of her lungs but she kept telling me to not stop. I saw that her pussy was lubricating so much, she was almost dripping onto the chair! I kept whacking that amazing milf butt while she wailed and moaned. Imagine our surprise and shock when a janitor raced into the office looking like he thought somebody needed help.

That was the most embarrassing moment of my life, and I’m sure hers too, but I don’t regret a thing. We both got fired after that and we lost touch, but I will never forget that amazingly hot big butt that I got to punish and spank nice and hard.”Big Asses Taking Hard Spankings!More:Big TitsBusty Rachelmilf in panties.

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